Last week, I was shopping for a hair spa treatment when I came across several bottles of itchy scalp shampoo. I can’t help but smile at the thought of not having to use the product again since being dandruff-free almost a decade ago. You see, I had this recurring battle with itchy scalp that I practically shred my head off whenever dandruff starts to create an irritating sensation. After a series of embarrassing encounters with friends and the catastrophes brought about by harsh hair products, I had decided to try this shampoo which is specifically made to fight itchy scalp. In just few washes, the dandruff, which is the primary cause of my misery, had finally given up on me.


Why Use An Itchy Scalp Shampoo

Itchy Scalp ShampooI am not alone in this frustrating skin malady. Itchy scalp affects thousands of people worldwide, and the causes for it greatly vary not by region but by individual. I, for one, had dandruff which triggered the onset of tickling sensation on my scalp. Yours may possibly be a case of too much oil or an allergic reaction to a hair care product.

There are skin conditions which can cause the scalp to become itchy. In some people, the culprit seems to be the excessive dryness that results from frequent salon treatments. Several chemicals can drain the moisture out of the scalp, thereby making it tickly. Still another probable reason is the regular exposure to heat produced by hair dryers.

Itchy scalp is hard to tolerate. I know of other people aside from me who went through the same agonizing experience wherein there is an insistent urge to scratch your head—even on sleep. For some individuals, it has also made them develop a low self-esteem. People cringe just by seeing you scratch and it gets worse with the sight of flakes that usually come with it. Trust me, I had been there. And it is definitely humiliating. Hence, I advise you to use an anti-itchy scalp product if you happen to share the same problem.


Common Ingredients In Itchy Scalp Shampoo

During my dandruff days, there were only a few active ingredients added to shampoos. Among them are zinc pyrothione, salicylic acid, eucalyptus oil and sulfur. According to the labels, they serve as mild antiseptics and antifungal agents. Yet today, I have discovered that there are also natural moisturizers which are being included in the anti-itchy scalp “recipe”. They include tea tree, chamomile and coconut oils. Furthermore, there are other clinically-proven components that are now added to shampoos such as coal tar, selenium sulfide and ketaconazole.


The Right Treatment Product

Itchy Scalp ShampooThe ideal shampoo for you will basically depend on the seriousness of your condition. I suggest that you take it up with your doctor or dermatologist so he can recommend the right solution. In the meantime, perhaps you can seek remedy from over-the-counter shampoos such as Head & Shoulders and Nizoral.


Medicated Shampoos

There are certain hair and scalp treatment products which are only available through prescription. They usually contain ingredients that are highly efficient at targeting fungal skin infections. The medicated version of an itchy scalp shampoo is often used for complicated cases.