Many people don’t know that there is specifically formulated itchy scalp shampoo for children. I actually thought before that adults alone can have and develop an itchy scalp. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Even children as little as 2 years of age perhaps can also start developing an itchy scalp. This can be caused by an even more serious condition because children don’t normally develop an itchy scalp. Hence, you must have it treated immediately and save your child from such an inconvenient and embarrassing condition.


Harsh Ingredients Found in Most Shampoos

Itchy Scalp ShampooI find that most shampoos nowadays, even those that are supposed to be gentle are composed of mostly chemicals. Even those that are specifically formulated for the use of babies and supposed to be hypoallergenic are composed of mostly chemicals. Most children do not have enough tolerance for such ingredients with their baby skin and very young scalp. Using such shampoo can make their scalp very itchy and dry. According to some studies I have read, sodium laureth sulfate, a chemical found in most shampoos can actually irritate the skin of a child causing it to itch and become dry. This is a very harsh ingredient to put on your child’s skin and is not meant to be used for a long time unless in low doses. Also, don’t even think about using an adult formulated dandruff shampoo on your child to relieve the itch because it can actually aggravate his condition and make his scalp sensitive to light.


Relief using Itchy Scalp Shampoo

It can be very heartbreaking to see your child suffering from an itchy scalp. I couldn’t bear to see my children scratching constantly because they often complain about it and sometimes they even hurt their scalp causing wounds and bleeding. If you think that the mildest shampoos ought to solve your child’s problem, I suggest you think again. Not all mild shampoos can cure your child’s itchy scalp. As I’ve mentioned above, even baby shampoos can cause irritation. This is why it is important that you look for a shampoo that doesn’t contain any SLS and has a pH level of 7. Knowing the cause if the itchiness is also important as it might be due to allergy. If such shampoos don’t work, I suggest you talk to your dermatologist immediately.


Additional Solutions for an Itchy Scalp on Children

Itchy Scalp ShampooThere are also certain steps and strategies you can do to help relieve your child of an itching scalp. Instead of washing his hair every day, do it every other day instead if the cause of itching is due to dry scalp. On days that you won’t wash his hair with shampoo, just rinse it with lukewarm water to remove any dirt and pollution that has accumulated over the day. Make him drink lots of water to rehydrate the dry scalp.


Itchy Scalp Shampoo for Children

While I don’t really advice using a shampoo formulated for such conditions on your child, sometimes it can be a good idea. Some children can tolerate such shampoos and will actually help them with stop the itching. But before you decide on using an itchy scalp shampoo on your child, consult your dermatologist first to ensure if it is safe for your child or not.